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If it’s fragile, pack it carefully to avoid breakage. Wrap dishes individually and use special dish boxes. Pack paper into the top, bottom and empty spaces of the carton. Tip plates and bowls on their sides and never stack heavy items.


Papers can be stored in file boxes or small boxes. However, books should be packed flat in smaller boxes because of their weight. Make sure any empty space in the box is stuffed with paper.


Wipe a few drops of oil on bicycles and tools to prevent rusting; store those items away from furniture to avoid oil staining.


Wardrobe boxes allow you to store your clothing on hangers. Shoes can be stored in the bottom of the wardrobe boxes, while folded clothing can be stored in boxes or dresser drawers.


Remember to keep refrigerator doors slightly ajar. Place an open box of baking soda or sprinkle some in your refrigerator to keep it fresh. Don’t forget to use the space inside appliances for storage, too.


KEY #1 to storing items ........AIR CIRCULATION! ....leave air pockets in a storage room.


Remember that cardboard boxes should not be stored on a concrete floor. We offer wooden pallets for you to store them on; this allows air circulation underneath.


Place mattresses and box springs in plastic mattress bags and store them standing upright in the center of the unit rather than against a wall.


When storing wooden furniture and couches its best to use old bed sheets to cover them. Over time a unit can get dust particles; using sheets instead of plastic allows items to breath.


Remember when moving from point A to a storage unit while it’s raining or snowing, this moisture can cause you a problem down the road if items are unable to dry. It is best to have a unit just a bit bigger than you need, in order to leave some room for air circulation.


Identify the contents on the outside of each box for easy reference while in storage or transit.


For everyone’s protection certain items are not allowed to be placed in storage. These items include live animals, explosives or fireworks, flammable liquids or fuels, perishable goods and illegal goods or substances.


For more information about packing and storing or to see our selection of moving boxes and packing supplies, please visit our facility.


Address: 3868 Highway 6, Mount Hope, ON, L0R 1W0


Phone: 905-679-3391

Business Hours:

Monday-Friday: 8:30am - 4:00pm

Saturday: 8:30am - 12:00pm

Sunday: Closed

Storage access is available 7 days a week from 8:00am until dark.


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